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Originally put up at a sister-in-law's request for "family pictures" (before I added the page showing the family without make-up), these three gentlemen represent the furthest back I can go in my history in photos. I haven't a clue about the age of the subjects in the first photos, but the third subject was 17 when the photo was shot - and the fourth subject was posing for Olan Mills at the age of 4...*grin*




James Parker Dow, parentage unknown
born about 1850 or 1851 (listed as 19 in 1870 Census of Albion, Maine)
married April 27, 1870 to Susan Lovina Belden of Palermo, Maine
died February 25, 1876 in Vassalboro, Maine
(reportedly in a sawmill accident - by drowning - and buried in an unmarked grave)

Thank you to "second cousin Cheryl Belden" for some info,
and "cousin Micheal Dow" (the link takes you to his site, as he's a talented woodcarver)
for the "repair" of the above tinplate photo and yet more info
as well as several others (including libraries) who've provided bits and pieces



Charles Herbert Dow, first child (of three) of James & Susan (Belden) Dow
born June 25, 1871 in Albion, Maine
married October 16, 1904 to Addie Francis Burrill of Bangor, Maine
Received Boston Post Cane (marking him as the oldest resident in Corinna) in 1961
died February 11, 1962 in Corinna, Maine of pneumonia
(Photo also from a tinplate - and NOT what he looked like when he got that Cane *smile*)



Added on May 6, 2001: another picture of the last subject & his wife
Grampy (or "Papa Dow" to some) AKA Charles Herbert Dow
and Grammy AKA Addie Francis (Burrill) Dow

with thanks for the picture to "2nd Cousin Ken Dow" of "The Cattail Press",
an EPA award-winning site about Corinna, Maine



Robert Lleuellyn Dow, ninth (and youngest) child of Charles & Addie (Burrill) Dow
born August 28, 1928 in Corinna, Maine
married May 4, 1956 to P. Monique Laflamme of Exeter, Maine
died July 21, 1980 in Exeter, Maine of lymphoma
(His oldest brother, born in 1904, was 24, married, and a father by the time Dad was born...
and his oldest sister, fourth of nine, was born the same year as my maternal grandmother...)



Deborah Jean Dow, third child (of four) of Robert & Monique (LaFlamme) Dow
born May 24, 1961 in Dexter, Maine
married July 25, 1983 to William Hugh Emmons of Fryeburg, Maine
still living (at least physically, although mentally?????)



In "The Book of Dow" (by Robert Piercy Dow, published in 1929 - and which my Dad was born just a little too late to be included in), from which the greatest part of most Dow genealogy tracing online seems to come (although some of it has been proven incorrect as I search for the parents of James Parker), there is an interesting quote that has become a sort of smile-producing mantra for me:

"Any sane man claiming to be a Dow is an imposter"
Major Joseph Dow, USA, to President James Monroe, 1818



As I've been finding information about my ancestors (which so far has been where their final resting place is), I've been posting the information at Find A Grave. If you'd like to see anything on any of the people named above - or even someone from your own ancestry - here's a link:

Search 45.7 million cemetery records at by entering a surname and clicking search:


ADDED APRIL 16, 2014:
A Dow Family Tree page, with links from ancestor to ancestor to allow you to trace back the tree with me


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